Aug 10

More Than 50 Cruising Yachts Will Sail In Marion Bermuda Race This Year

Over 50 cruising yachts are finalized to sail from Sippican Harbor in Centerboard Shoals outside on Friday.

The yachts will begin its sail from the afternoon. This is the 21st edition of the biennial Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race (BMBCYR). The event was hosted in collaboration with Beverly Yacht Club of Marion (BTCM), the Blue Water Sailing Club of Boston (BWSCB) and the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club of Bermuda (RHADCB).

In the event, over 200 crew and skippers plans to compete in the race of 645 nautical miles due south. It will start from Buzzards Bay as this is the starting line of the event and the finish line is St. David’s Light in Bermuda. The skippers are given the time of two to five days to finish this race. They all will compete for line honors, division as well as various trophies. Read the rest of this entry »

May 07

Southampton Boat Show Breaks Record

It has become official that Southampton Boat Show of last year has set a new world record. This was announced on January 31st, 2017. The confirmation came from Guinness World Records who confirmed that the show held in 2016 had created one of the largest human images for a boat with the largest number of participants.

This is definitely exciting all those who were part of the show, the exhibitors as well as visitors. The previous record had been set by 323 participants. This time there was a total of 370 shoe goers who assembled to form the shape of a boat that put another important milestone in the life of this iconic boating festival that is held every year. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 18

Ireland Offshore Racing Set For New Season

Ireland is likely set another tough offshore sailing season. It has made the announcements of two separate transatlantic solo campaigns this week. On the other hand New Zealand is putting its best efforts to bring the entry of Ireland in the Vendee Globe Race.

In 2016 Ireland has the biggest Round Ireland race entry as well as new speed record in Round Ireland in both multihull and monohull. Now, in 2017 the offshore sailing of Ireland will reach to a new height. This is because of the Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association (ISORA) fleet that is in prospect.

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Feb 25

40th Edition Of Tour De France A La Voile

The Tour de France a la voile is all set to celebrate its 40th edition in 2017. This race was created by Bernard Decree in the year 1978. A lot of French legends like Jean-Pierre Dick, Eric Tabarly, Michel Desjoyeaux, Armel Le Cleac’g, François Gabart and Loïck Peyron have been part of the history of this prestigious race. The Tour de France a la Voile is all about the sailors and not the boats. There are 8 classes that have served this race since its inception in 1978.

In 2017, the Tour de France a la Voile has plans to visit some of the most attractive offshore with more time to be spent along the North-West coastline. There will be two stops in Normandy: Jullouville and Fecamp. It will be the first time that the TFV visits these stops. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 16

Alex Suffers Injury In South Atlantic

Alex Thomson the leader of the Vendee Globe slows his foiling yacht when it hit an unidentified submerged objected present under the water.

He was sailing at twenty four knots of twenty two knots of wind. The 60ft yacht two foils got damaged in the hit.

The sailor as occupied the position of twenty four knots of twenty two knots for a week and then he heard of a big bang sound in his boat. Thomson then slows down the speed of the boat to check the damage, he changed the direction of the boat and turned it downwind. He noticed starboard foil was damaged and also there were scarps at the starboard side. According to Thomson there was no structural damage seen on a boat in the initial level of inspection, but he said he will do through checking once the weather gets normal.

Thomson was on his mission to create records for 24 hours solo distance covered.

The Vendee Globe race begun on 6 November and twenty nine skippers of four continents are participating in it. Total ten nations are participating in this tournament.   Read the rest of this entry »